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SFB Group
SFB Group

Contact Person

Bruno Hanselka

General Manager

Thomas Kenzle

General Manager

Stefan Schmidtlein

General Manager

Andreas Nothelfer

Plant Manager (PM)

Christian Linse

Head of Sales Department (SAM)

Tobias Blum

Head of Order Management (OM)

Ralf Wessel

Head of Purchasing Department (PUR)

Wolfgang Zinn

Head of Quality Assurance (QA)

Angelique Gabbert

Order Management (OM), Secretariat PM

Sabrina Grimmbacher

Marketing Coordination Group / Purchasing Department (PUR)

Michael Reich

Head of CNC Long Turning

Christian Wiest

Head of CNC Short Turning

Annerose Schmucker

Head of Stock & Logistics (SL)

Marcus Drappeldrey

Head of Human Ressources (HR)